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Emergency Care

Dental emergencies happen - and usually at the most inconvenient time.  Whether a tooth breaks or begins to ache, call our office as soon as possible to schedule an evaluation.  


If an infected tooth is badly broken down, or inflamed due to advanced gum disease, it may need to be extracted. However, if there is enough healthy tooth remaining, we may tell you that the tooth can be saved with a root canal. 


Our goal is to do everything we can to save your tooth, but sometimes removing a potentially harmful tooth can end up sparing you discomfort and saving you time and money.  In most cases, an extracted tooth can be replaced and there are many replacement options.  We will gladly guide you through these options to help make the best decision.  


Root canals

In cases where a tooth is injured or infected and can be saved, a root canal (or endodontic therapy) is a great treatment option.  Depending on the unique complexity of your tooth, we can perform endodontic therapy.  This procedure allows the dentist to access the injured or infected pulp of your tooth, clean the canal space within, and seal the canal space. The tooth is then rebuilt and most often protected with a crown. 

Dental X-Rays
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