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We have made many changes to the way the office looks and we continue to work towards creating the safest possible environment for our patients in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.   


  • We have updated the air handling capacity and improved the filtration system to help better clean the air. In the clinical rooms, we have installed HEPA air purifying units. These filters are equipped with both HEPA filters and ionizing technology to help filter and clean the air, and will complete 12-14 air changes per hour.  This means that every 5 minutes your treatment room has a “new” volume of air. 

Covid 19
  • Upon entering the building, we ask that you wear a face mask as well as complete a COVID-19 screening.  


  • Our clinical staff are wearing face shields, surgical caps, and N95s for their protection and yours. We are also using a launderable gown service.  Please be aware that we may look a little different under all of our clinical gear but are trying to still be as friendly and welcoming as always. We don’t particularly like the impersonality of wearing so much protective gear, but we cannot be too careful guarding the health of our patients and ourselves.  

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